University Prep partners with FuelEducation to ensure that all of our students have access to rigorous advanced level courses.

AP classes are high-level, quality courses in a variety of subjects. The program is administered through the College Board to offer high school course descriptions equated to college courses and correlated to AP examinations in those subjects.

University Prep provides these courses as part of our award-winning curriculum to eligible students. Based on the composite scores on an AP test, which range from 0 to 5, a college may award college credit or advanced placement to a participating student.

A score of a [4] or [5] on the AP test is usually required by colleges for credit or advanced placement in college courses. A [3] is sometimes acceptable in foreign languages and some other subject areas. Some colleges limit the number of AP credits that they will recognize.

Upon completion of the AP course, students are expected to take the Advanced Placement Exam. This exam is offered through the College Board and Educational Testing Service and is administered at school for a fee.