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Why University Prep?

Enrolling in University Prep has numerous benefits, which include:

  • University Prep provides dual enrollment options, in both a virtual and blended formats. Providing access to some of the premier universities & colleges in the United States.
  • University Prep enables a personalized learning experience, tailor-made for each student. This experience is enriched with a diverse range of clubs, student organizations and extra-curricular activities provided by the host University / College
  • University Prep ensures freedom and flexibility in online learning, live and self-directed instruction, paired with a rich level of a mentor, counselor, and teacher support, underpinned by the tutorial system.
  • University Prep values parents’ central role as learning coaches, working with teachers to sustain student achievement.
  • Themed field trips and seminars to events, field trips and enrichment activities.
  • University Prep provides advanced leader options through its Honors and AP programs.
  • We employ highly qualified teachers and provide personalized instruction.
  • Our team of mentors support students in areas of need to ensure academic goals are met.