University Prep offers the opportunity to participate as a vendor and serve homeschool students with educational resources, supplies, and services.

Our Homeschool program offers the opportunity for individuals and businesses who provide educational resources, supplies and services to partner with us in providing a robust academic experience for our students.

A Materials Vendor is a business or individual that provides curriculum, books, videos or supplies. Since these items can be shipped or provided online, Materials Vendors can be located almost anywhere.

A Service Vendor is a business or individual that provides academic classes (such as math, science, or writing), academic tutoring, enrichment classes or opportunities (in a variety of areas such as art, music, physical education, technology, etc.). Since most of these classes or lessons are provided through live interaction with the student, Service Vendors will be able to designate the specific regions they serve. Also, since Service Vendors have live interaction with students, additional screening requirements are in place.

Potential vendors are generally referred by a University Prep Educational Coach (EC) or a current Valiant family. All vendor applications must complete a content review and submit an application to the Vendor Relations (VR) department before being approved to work with our students.

Instructional funds are allocated to each family to create their own unique academic experience for their students. As a vendor, a student can request your materials or services through our Vendor Ordering System (VOS). After approval from the EC, the Vendor Relations department processes these requests by a purchase order (PO). Once approved, a PO notification is sent to the vendor on behalf of the student.

After the materials are received or services provided, the vendor submits an invoice. Service vendors submit via their VendorVOS account. Material vendors submit an invoice to our accounts payable department. Payment is made from the school to the vendor with net 30 terms.