Are you accepting new vendors?

Yes! We are always looking to partner with vendors to provide new and varied educational and enrichment opportunities for our students.

I don’t currently accept purchase orders, can I still become a vendor?

Instructional funds cannot be used to pay in advance of materials being provided or services rendered. Our purchase order and invoice process is required to become a vendor. Our Vendor Relations department would be happy to discuss how you might establish a PO system.

What are the requirements to become a vendor?

Your materials or services will be reviewed to ensure they would enhance our students’ educational options. Once verified, all vendors need to provide mandatory documentation and information to complete the application.

Every employee or contractor of a vendor who will have live interaction with students will also need to undergo Live Scan fingerprinting or provide another Department of Justice background check document.

Vendors whose services are physical in nature (personal training, sports teams, etc.) or involve student exposure to heat, sharp objects or other hazards outside of a normal academic environment (cooking classes, wood burning, etc.) will be asked to submit proof of General Liability Insurance.

Where can I find the forms I need to submit to become a vendor?

When you are ready to apply, visit our online Vendor Application page and you’ll find all the forms and information you need.

Is there a deadline to submit the vendor application?

No, applications are accepted and approved year round.

I went through the Live Scan fingerprinting process with another school/organization, do I need to do it again?

Yes, it is against the law to share Live Scan results between organizations. The information is confidential and is protected by privacy laws.

Can I become a vendor but work with only one particular family?

As a public school, the materials and services you provide to our students need to be available to all interested students as your schedule allows. If you are unable to work with a particular student, please contact our vendor team.

If my children are enrolled at University Prep and I become a vendor, can I use their instructional funds to pay for my vendor services?

No, student funds cannot be directed toward family members who are also vendors.

I am a current vendor and need help with a PO or payment. Who do I contact?

Please email our vendors team at