We provide $2,800 for TK-8th and $3,200 for high school.

In return for receiving state funds and as an independent homeschool study program, students are required to verify that the funds are used for appropriate educational activities and supplies. As an independent homeschool program, University Prep will partner with you to make this journey easy and enjoyable.

Families wishing to enroll in University Prep’s Homeschool Program will be assigned a credentialed teacher known as an Educational Coach (EC). Our team of Educational Coaches will guide families, provide support, and maintain each student’s instructional funds and records. Educational Coaches and parents (designated adult/guardian) collaborate to create a specific educational program for your student.

The program may consist of designated vendors in a traditional classroom setting for specific courses, online courses, home study courses, or a combination of all of these. Throughout the year, Educational Coaches and parents connect to collect work samples and complete testing. Educational Coaches ensure that students are making appropriate progress throughout the school year.

Although University Prep provides professional support, the parent is still ultimately in charge of directing the student’s education. The parent in the Homeschool Program is key to the student’s learning experience. The parent ensures that each child is fully committed to this program and is responsible for providing daily motivation and educational guidance.

Each student and family has different educational needs. University Prep is here to help you determine the program that best meets the needs of your student. Through your input as a parent/guardian, plus our guidance in selecting vendors, courses, and materials, together we will ensure that your student will have a thriving and academic educational experience.